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   On October 5th, during the National Day holiday, Shandong Luneng officially announced that Li Xiaopeng would no longer serve as the head coach of the first team due to physical reasons. Since the end of 2017, Li Xiaopeng has led Luneng to win the third place in the league and runner-up in the FA Cup. Although he was controversial during the period, he is indeed an excellent representative of Chinese coaches.


At the end of 2015, Li Xiaopeng served as deputy general manager, technical director, and head of the Chinese coaching team of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club Co., Ltd.; from January 1, 2017, served as deputy general manager and technical director of Shandong Luneng Taishan Football Club Co., Ltd. . On December 1, 2017, Shandong Luneng officially announced Magath’s departure and Li Xiaopeng became the team’s head coach. This local marshal officially took over the Luneng coach.

2015年底,李小鹏担任山东鲁能泰山足球俱乐部有限公司副总经理,技术总监兼中国教练团团长。自2017年1月1日起,任山东鲁能泰山足球俱乐部有限公司副总经理兼技术总监。 2017年12月1日,山东鲁能正式宣布马加特离任,李小鹏成为球队的主教练。这个当地元帅正式接管了鲁能教练。

In the early days of taking office, Li Xiaopeng was very low-key and humble, and achieved unexpected results for Luneng fans: in the first season of teaching Luneng, Li Xiaopeng led the team with 58 points and ranked third in the standings, achieving nearly three. The best result since the season, the Football Association Cup reached the final. It should be said that Li Xiaopeng's first season coaching handed over the answer that made Shandong fans very satisfied. Luneng won the top three in the Chinese Super League without increasing the budget. Li Xiaopeng contributed the most. Wei.




This season, the Super League has adopted a "conference system." In such a special season, Luneng's performance is very ups and downs. Starting from the 8th round of the Super League, Luneng has achieved 1 draw and 3 losses in 4 consecutive league rounds, and Li Xiaopeng's consecutive invincibility has also allowed Li Xiaopeng. Feel the pressure. It is reported that Li Xiaopeng was not in good physical condition during the Dalian competition. He had a high fever and used Gua Sha therapy to treat his illness.


   In summary, during the three seasons that Li Xiaopeng taught Luneng, he led the team to participate in 98 games and achieved 54 wins, 22 draws and 22 losses, with a winning rate of 55%. In the 2018 season, Li Xiaopeng led his team to third in the league, and fifth in the league in 2019. Luneng has reached the FA Cup finals for two consecutive seasons, but unfortunately ranked second. In addition, Li Xiaopeng also helped Luneng tap young players like Duan Liuyu and Guo Tianyu.



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