Tiger Fighting on October 17th. With only a few hours left before the Milan Derby started, Gazzetta dello Sport interviewed Diego Milito, the heroic striker when Inter Milan won the Triple Crown. The latter recalled his playing for Inter Milan. Time, also talked about the view of the Milan Derby.

10月17日的老虎格斗。在米兰德比比赛开始前仅剩几个小时,国际米兰(Gazzetta dello Sport)采访了国际米兰赢得三冠王时的英勇射手迭戈·米利托(Diego Milito)。后者回忆起他为国际米兰效力的经历。时间到了,还谈到了米兰德比的看法。

Yes, it's weird. I'm not used to the empty stadium, let alone the Derby contest. I played only once in an empty field in my career, against Godoy Cruz, and now I think it felt bad when I think about it. But empty courts are not necessarily bad for everyone. I prefer the support of fans, and some players may feel less stressed.

是的,很奇怪。我不习惯空旷的体育场,更不用说德比大赛了。在职业生涯中,我只在空旷的地方与戈多伊·克鲁兹(Godoy Cruz)比赛过一次。但是空荡荡的法院不一定对每个人都不利。我更喜欢球迷的支持,有些球员可能会感到压力减轻。

When we were in the competitive team, we observed the stadium of the Independence team up close, which was very spectacular. Genoa reminds me of Aveyaneda. These derbys are more "nearby", but the Milan derby is more attractive, because the whole world is watching us and everyone can feel it.


I have done hat tricks in both Genoa and Milan. It feels difficult to describe. I can only say that I am lucky to have such a moment. It’s already very difficult to score a goal. To score three is even harder, not to mention scoring three in Derby... But I have to thank my teammates for what I have achieved. Without them, I cannot score so much in my career. Ball.


In 2010, we won both 9 and 11... Although the team lacks a lot of people, I am very confident, because Inter Milan is very strong as a whole, and the coach is very good at mobilizing the emotions of the team under difficult circumstances. I believe Inter Milan Enough fighting spirit will bring you a wonderful performance.


It was the first Milan Derby I participated in and we won 4-0. That special feeling is still fresh in my memory, like a dream come true. I scored a penalty kick, which would be one of the best memories of my career.


The 2011 Derby was very painful. We lost 0-3 at the time. In fact, the Inter Milan team was also very strong and could compete for the league championship. Unfortunately, we lost to Milan led by Ibrahimovic.


I think he only needs time now to usher in a big explosion. He immediately proved his level when he first arrived on the team, and after a year of competition, he has now improved even more. I think Lautaro is heading in the right direction and it is only a matter of time before he becomes a top player.


I don't know if there is my shadow on him. I did often give him some suggestions at the time. He had a very good mentality and was willing to listen, and he would learn the right content from it and use it to improve himself. The advantages he has come from himself. He is very comprehensive. Although he is good at fighting in the penalty area, he is not waiting for the ball to come. He can also catch the ball on his own to find opportunities, and is willing to sacrifice himself to help his teammates do the ball.


This is not my credit, I only provided consulting advice, because I have a deep relationship with Inter Milan. He can come to Inter Milan depends on his own talent, I didn't play a big role, all teams will want a player like him, it was Inter Milan who acted fast enough to catch him.


I only know one thing: Lautaro is very happy at Inter. I can see his mood when I talk to him. He thinks the team he is playing for is very suitable. Of course, transfers in football circles are very common. Top players often receive offers. I think Lautaro himself will make the most appropriate decision.


Certainly, because Lukaku is a top striker, the two can work together perfectly, because the two sides have complementary characteristics, allowing each other to play a greater role. Of course, Sanchez is also worthy of attention. I like him very much. The striker of Inter Milan is very strong.


I never like to compare two players across the ages. I don’t think I should put too much pressure on Ashraf for the time being, but Inter Milan did find a strong wing player. As a forward, having such a wing teammate is simply awesome.


Yes, because Conte already knows Vidal well, they have worked together and it works very well. Whether it is tactical or spiritual, Vidal will be a good choice.


It is normal for top players to be welcomed, but I think Inter Milan’s lineup is complete and deep enough. Only he knows what Conte really needs, but as a fan, I am very satisfied with Inter's lineup and the competitiveness is enough. I hope this year can harvest results, because the gap between Inter Milan and Juventus is getting smaller and smaller.


Yes, we were the first away team to win at Juventus' new stadium. I think Conte’s character has not changed. The imprint is deeply embedded in his DNA, so he has been winning for so many years, and nothing has changed. Maybe he has become a little milder after so many years, but his desire for victory has not changed. If you want to find a coach whose goal is to win, he is still the best candidate. I am very happy that he chose to stay in Inter Milan, there is no reason to give up the team such a good situation.


No, my only surprise is that Inter Milan is so far away from the top teams in these years...


I think growing older will make you more mature and a better leader. Ibrahimovic is now a mentor to other players. I always respect him very much. In fact, I really want to partner with him. Seeing him on the court now does not make me feel jealous. I chose to retire at the right time. I am happy with my decision.


Yes, but only the championship trophy can prove this, but I believe Inter Milan has now returned to the top ranks.


I have played with Lautaro, and our cooperation is great. I don't think it's good to name others, but Lukaku and Sanchez will also be good teammates.


We can keep our faith and dreams are possible. Why can't you expect Messi to come to Inter Milan? It's very suitable for Argentines. Isn't it great for Messi to play here?


Yes, it will be a very sad day. San Siro is not just a stadium, but history can be felt here. But life always moves forward, and as time goes by, the new stadium will leave good memories.


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