Original title: Peaceful Elite: 4AM easily won the championship and completed two blossoms, and the MVP was also in the bag

原始标题:Peaceful Elite:4AM轻松赢得了冠军并完成了两次开花,MVP也囊括其中

With the development of technology, there are more and more games that everyone can play. When it comes to the more popular game types in the past few years, it is undoubtedly chicken-eating. The most popular terminal game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, while mobile games China is naturally the Peace Elite. There are a lot of players. There are also very exciting professional games, such as the PEL Professional League of Peace Elite. Now the S3 season of this game has come to an end. Let’s take a look at the final situation.

随着技术的发展,每个人都可以玩越来越多的游戏。在过去几年中,当谈到更流行的游戏类型时,无疑是吃鸡的。最受欢迎的终端游戏是PlayerUnknown的Battlegrounds,火狐体育官网而手机游戏中国自然是Peace Elite。有很多玩家。也有非常令人兴奋的职业游戏,例如PEL和平精英职业联盟。现在,这款游戏的S3赛季已经结束。让我们看一下最终情况。

It can be seen from the standings that 4AM won the championship in the end, and their points are as high as 271 points, which is much higher than the second ELG team. In fact, 4AM has been in the standings since the second day of the game. In the first place, the following games are often played well, so they have always maintained a lot of points advantage. I feel that winning this championship is also very easy, of course, it is still inseparable from the efforts of the players.


In the finals of the Peace Elite PEL Professional League, it was 4AM player SUK who won the MVP. His average number of eliminations per game ranked first, and his average knockdowns and average injuries per game were also third. , Is indeed a talent, of course, the other players in the team also played very well, after all, this game still depends on everyone's cooperation, so it is natural to get such a good result.

在“和平精英” PEL职业联赛的决赛中,是4AM选手SUK赢得了MVP。他平均每场比赛的淘汰人数排名第一,平均每场比赛的击倒次数和平均受伤次数也排名第三。 ,的确是一种天赋,当然,团队中的其他球员也打得非常好,毕竟这场比赛仍然取决于每个人的合作,因此很自然地获得如此出色的成绩。



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