Tiger Fighting, September 28, according to the interview by Olas on Canal+ reprinted by the team newspaper (Canal+ reporter Olivier Tallaron summarized the interview on Twitter), the chairman of Lyon is very active these days, frequently appearing in major French media and The headlines of the TV station.

9月28日,《老虎搏击》(Tiger Fighting)报道,根据Olas在Canal +上的采访(由团队报纸转载)(Canal +记者Olivier Tallaron在Twitter上总结了采访),里昂董事长近来非常活跃,经常出现在法国主要媒体和头条新闻上电视台。

The focus of Olas’ interview is obviously to respond to some rumors about Lyon’s current transfer, including former Lyon player Umtiti and current sales.


, And the previous report of the team newspaper stated that Lyon is actively contacting, so Olas, who has repeatedly returned to the team newspaper, once again denied this report. Secondly, he talked about the French midfielder Adelaide, who had fallen out with the team. Olas said that the 25 million euro offer from Hertha Berlin to Adelaide was enough to impress him, although the player has not gone to Germany at present , But he is very close to reuniting with former teammate French midfielder Tussar.


Finally, there is the news about Lyon midfielder Avar. Canal+ commentators said that they think Olas’s asking price for Avar is 40-50 million euros (this is no different from the previous ones).

最后,还有关于里昂中场球员阿瓦尔的消息。 Canal +评论员说,他们认为Olas对Avar的要价为40-50百万欧火狐体育app元(与之前的价格没有什么不同)。

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