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   In the golden autumn season, with the gradual normalization of domestic epidemic prevention and control, tennis tournaments have begun to resume in an active and orderly manner. The China Open does not forget its original intention, insists on using sports to spread the positive energy of the society, and meticulously plans the 2020 First Real Estate Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament. The Shanghai station competition will start on October 17th, highlighting the charming city through the sports and social methods that elites love Charm, sharing the concept of healthy life, let vitality come back on stage.


   Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament is a blockbuster event with EMBA Business School precision crowds as the main participants and covering domestic elite crowds. This year, two stations will be set up in Beijing and Shanghai to achieve the linkage between Beijing and Shanghai. The first show of the Beijing station ended successfully at the National Tennis Center on September 26. The Shanghai station took over the baton and will officially kick off at the Shanghai International Tennis Center on October 17 this year. The Shanghai station will be divided into the EMBA group and the corporate group. The two groups competed fiercely through the group stage and the knockout stage, and finally decided the ranking of the two groups.


  Tide participation, play "zero distance" inside and outside the arena


China Open has always enjoyed a high reputation for its outstanding event services and participating experience. The Tennis Elite Invitational Tournament relies on China Open’s rich experience and outstanding ability to run matches, and incorporates a full sense of technology into the amateur events. Every player has Can experience the "exclusive treatment" enjoyed by professional players.


The 2020 Tennis Elite Invitational is committed to creating a special event with a "zero distance" viewing experience. The organizer has created a brand-new sports event service platform, introducing new game methods such as scores, pictures, and short video live broadcasts through online and online The perfect combination of downloading makes the amateur events more vivid and three-dimensional.


Just follow the WeChat official account of the China Tennis Open, click on the menu bar "Elite Tournament" to enter the event service platform, log in to the "Score Board" column, and players can experience the convenience and advancement of the new tennis technology, without even going out You can view the scores and battle results of any venue.


  The professional photography and camera team will take high-quality photos and videos of each contestant to capture the wonderful moments in the contest. The contestants can download and review their beautiful moments on the court at any time. In addition, the event service platform has also opened up a two-way channel for downloading and uploading photos and short videos to satisfy the creative enthusiasm of golfers, take wonderful photos and videos from their own perspective, upload content and share the wonderful with everyone.


  The tide is facing each other, and the amateur competition highlights the "elite fan"


   Same as Beijing station, on the day of the Shanghai station, the organizers will also bring the most exciting "Star Challenge" session. China Open Women's Doubles semi-finals, Jiangxi Open doubles champion, National Games doubles third runner-up Lu Jingjing will be present at the match, partnering with the vice president of WTA Asia-Pacific event operations and event supervision to accept ten "lucky guys" in the tiebreaker . For every amateur golfer, this is undoubtedly a golden opportunity. The passionate confrontation between professional masters and amateurs drew the appetite of the fans.


  While receiving trophies and medals, the winning teams also have the opportunity to have their own exclusive team posters, engraving their vigorous athletic figure and brilliant smile in the precious memorials of the event. In addition, in order to meet the needs of tennis equipment control, the competition team also held a new shoot trial meeting with two major tennis brands Wilson and Hyde. Participants have the opportunity to "play" with new products in the market first, and take the lead in experiencing the new shoot. Batting feel and characteristics.


  Socialize and enjoy the "Jiangnan Beauty"


  Autumn breeze, crab feet itchy, admiring the stunning south of the Yangtze River, and discovering the beauty of Suzhou water village The organizer of the event will organize a unique Suzhou tour for the participating elite representatives on October 18th after the Shanghai station. Tennis elites will meet in the beautiful Yangcheng Lake "Beauty Legs" Peninsula Peony Pavilion, taste the plump and delicious hairy crabs, delicious delicacies and beautiful scenery, and enjoy the unique tenderness of Jiangnan. At the same time, the participating golfers can also take this opportunity to meet friends with the ball, talk about daily life, and enhance mutual understanding.


I believe that with the joint efforts of Beijing Capital Group, Beijing Capital Land, and China Open, this year’s tennis promotion activities will surely make more people feel the charm of tennis and experience the joy of tennis. This will also deliver more positive energy to the society and promote national fitness and Contribute to the health of the whole people and the building of a sports power.


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