Tiger Fight, October 10 News Sassuolo midfielder Guriči火狐体育appć said in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport that their style of play is somewhat similar to that of Manchester City. He also revealed that he rejected Milan that year.

老虎格斗,10月10日新闻萨索洛中场球员古里奇(Guričić)在接受米兰体育报(Gazzetta dello Sport)采访时说,他们的比赛风格与曼城相似。他还透露那一年他拒绝了米兰。

Guričić said: "Before playing with Benfica and Samp, the pressure was even greater.


"Everything is going well in Sassuolo. This is an organized club. The position here is more suitable for me. I often play behind the forwards in other teams and it is more difficult to play. But here I play on the left. Shot inside."


"Sassuolo likes to put pressure on his opponents and counterattacks. Our short passes and two touches are also very good.


"It was not a coincidence that I hit the goal after receiving a long pass (to score a goal) against Sangpu. I have practiced it many times in training. People may not understand it now, but this is the future of football."


Guričić also revealed that he rejected Van Basten’s invitation back then: “At that time Milan was in crisis. I rejected them. I felt that I was not ready.”


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