Tiger Fight, October 17 News This weekend, Liverpool will usher in the Premier League match with Everton. Before the game, Liverpool player Mane accepted a media interview.

Tiger Fight,10月17日新闻本周末,利物浦将与埃弗顿一起迎来英超联赛。比赛开始前,利物火狐体育官网浦球员Mane接受了媒体采访。

Mane said: "You can't expect a better game than this!


"Like my teammates, I am very excited. I can't wait to play this game. I think all the fans can't wait to watch this game. I am very happy and excited. Go ahead and try to help the team win the game again."


Prior to this, Mane had to self-isolate, so he had missed the friendly matches with Villa and Senegal with Morocco. In this regard, Mane said: "This is a very, very difficult time for me-not just me, now the situation is a bit more complicated."


"I just want to say to everyone that it is really important to ensure your own safety. The new crown is really unbelievable-you will only understand this if you are infected. I don't want anyone to be infected with this Virus, because it is not easy to defeat it. I hope everyone can abide by the epidemic prevention rules and be as safe as possible."


In December 2016, Mane scored a goal against Everton. When talking about that game, Mane said: "I don't remember that game anymore! I only know that it was a very, very difficult game. In the end I scored the winning goal and scored three points. It’s important to us."

在2016年12月,Mane对埃弗顿进了一球。在谈到那场比赛时,Mane说:“我已经不记得那场比赛了!我只知道那是一场非常非常困难的比赛。最后我打进了获胜的进球并得到了3分。这对我们很重要。 ”



"I am very fortunate to be here today to participate in such a competition. I am really excited and looking forward to it."


"I think this is the best time for Liverpool, and we are all used to the dense schedule. This is why we can be called the current Liverpool. You always dream of playing such a game every season, every three days Play a game."

“我认为这是利物浦的最佳时机,我们都已经习惯了密集的赛程。这就是为什么我们可以被称为当前的利物浦。您一直梦想着每个赛季,每三天玩一次这样的比赛。 ”

"What is certain is that we have a very good team spirit. All of our teammates are very special. This is incredible. We are lucky to have such a team. This is the best time and we are all looking forward to it. "


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